Inventory of EH_KEY_REFERENCES\WATER  -  2.02 GB
Constructing Small Dams (USAID).pdf
Culvert Design.pdf
Current Metering Calculations.pdf

Dams and Development (ADB).pdf
Designing Small Dams (USAID).pdf
Drop Spillway Design.pdf
Earth Canal Design.pdf
Flume Calculations - Open Channel Flow.PDF
Maintaining Small Dams (USAID).pdf
Open Channel Constriction Calculations.pdf
Simple Flow Measurement and Flumes.PDF
Siphon Spillway Design.pdf
Small Earth Dams Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Borehole and Hand Pump Construction O&M (Tom DeVeer).doc
Cleaning and Disinfecting Boreholes (WHO).pdf
Constructing Cable Tool Wells (USAID).pdf
Designing Cable Tool Wells (USAID).pdf
Drilled Wells (SKAT).pdf
Drilling (ACF - French).DOC
Drilling (ACF - French).pdf
Drilling Boreholes for Handpumps (SKAT).pdf

Finishing Wells (USAID).pdf
Innovations in Borehole Rehabilitation (CIDA).pdf
Maintaining Well Logs (USAID).pdf
Methods of Developing Sources of Ground Water (USAID).pdf
Selecting a Method of Well Construction (USAID).pdf
Slotted Bamboo Tubewell Screen (WEDC).pdf
Solutions for Reducing Borehole Costs (SKAT).pdf
Water Well Drilling Course (CWS).doc
Well Construction Training Course (DACAAR).pdf
Well Jetting (Bushproof).wmv

Borehole Log Example (ACF).doc
Borehole Log Example (ACF).xls
Borehole Resistivity Logger (GeoTech).pdf

Example Drilling Log 2 (ACF).xls
Example Geophysics Report (ACF).XLS
Well Dip Meter (GeoTech).pdf

Air Compressor (PAT).pdf
Borehole Development Compressor (PAT).pdf
Consallen Cable Tool Rig Brochure (Consallen).pdf
Drag Bit (PAT).pdf
Drill Pipe (PAT).pdf
Drilling Rigs (PAT).pdf

DTH Hammer (PAT).pdf
Foam Pump (PAT).pdf
General Accessories (PAT).pdf
Hand Tools (PAT).pdf
Mud Pump Set (PAT).pdf
PAT 201 Specs (ACF).DOC
PAT 301 Specs (ACF).DOC
PAT 301-2000 Drilling Rig Specs (PAT).pdf
PAT 301T Drilling Rig (PAT).pdf
PAT 401T Drillling Rig Specs (PAT).pdf
PAT Drilling Catalogue (ACF).pdf
PAT Drilling Rig Price List (PAT).pdf
Pump Test Unit (PAT).pdf
Reamer (PAT).pdf
Sub Adaptor (PAT).pdf
Temporary Casing (PAT).pdf

Alternative Well Drilling (US Military).pdf
Auger Operating Instructions (Eijkelkamp).pdf
Constructing Bored or Augered Wells (USAID).pdf
Constructing Driven Wells (USAID).pdf
Constructing Jetted Wells (USAID).pdf
Design of a Low-Cost Drilling Rig (Cranfield - Burrows G).pdf
Designing Bored or Augered Wells (USAID).pdf
Designing Driven Wells (USAID).pdf
Designing Jetted Wells (USAID).pdf
Drilling Shallow Wells (Eijkelkamp).pdf
Drilling Wells by Hand (GWAM).pdf
Evaluation of Jetting and Canzee Pumps (RWSN).pdf
Hand Augered Wells (LWR).pdf
Hand Augering (Eijkelkamp).pdf

Hand Drilled Wells (Tool).pdf
Hand Sludging (Cranfield University).pdf
Human Powered Drilling (Cranfield University).pdf
Jetting (Bushproof).wmv
Low Cost Water Well Drilling (Cranfield University).pdf
Low Tech Drilling (WEDC).pdf
Manual Well Drilling (Praktika).pdf
Pounder Rig Design Review (Cranfield Uni).pdf
Pounder Rig Field Trials (Cranfield Uni).pdf
Rapid Jetting (Medair).pdf
Rota-Sludge and Stone Hammer Drilling Manual (Praktica).pdf
Simple Drilling Methods Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Constructing Cable Tool Wells (USAID).pdf
Designing Cable Tool Wells (USAID).pdf

Appendix E - Technical Specifications for Drilling Operation.pdf
Determing the Yield of a Residential Well (NHDES).pdf
Field Methods for Determining Well Yields (DEQ).pdf
Pump Test Spreadsheet 1 (ACF).XLS
Pump Test Spreadsheet 2 (ACF).XLS
Pump Test Spreadsheet 3 (ACF).xls
Pump Test Spreadsheet 4 (ACF).xls
Testing the Yield of Wells (USAID).pdf
Well Pump Test Guidelines in Water Scarce Areas (PRMD).pdf
Well Testing Field Guide (Driscoll).pdf

Well Yield Test (OGWA).pdf
Yield Tests for High Capacity Wells (DEQ).pdf

Emergency Water Sources (WEDC).pdf
Emergency Water Supply Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Handbook For Emergencies - Water (UNHCR).pdf
Re-Evaluating Emergency Water Supply in Complex Droughts (WEDC).pdf
TapStand Spec (ACF - French).doc
Water Manual for Refugee Situations (UNHCR).pdf
WatSan in Emergencies (Chalinder).pdf

Estimating Areas Contributing Recharge (USGS).pdf
Global Groundwater Situation (IWMI).pdf
Groundwater and Latrines (WELL).pdf
Groundwater and Surface Water (USGS).pdf

Groundwater Hydrology (US Army).pdf
Groundwater Manual (Oregon State).pdf
Groundwater Storage and Recharge (Science Magazine).pdf
Methods of Developing Sources of Ground Water (USAID).pdf
Planning How to Use Sources of Ground Water (USAID).pdf
Protecting Groundwater for Health (WHO).pdf
Rock Classification Scheme Vols 1-4 (BGS).pdf
Tsunami Impacts on Shallow Groundwater (IWMI).pdf

Basic Hydrogeology Training (DACCAR).pdf
Borehole Logging (French - Lausanne Uni).pdf
Geophysics Basics (French - Lausanne Uni).pdf

Rock Classification Scheme (BGS).pdf
Surface Geophysics (French - Lausanne Uni).pdf

Cleaning and Disinfecting Wells (WHO).pdf
Constructing Hand Dug Wells (USAID).pdf
Designing Hand Dug Wells (USAID).pdf
Hand Dug Shallow Wells (SKAT).pdf
Hand Dug Well Kit Manual (OXFAM).pdf
Hand Dug Well Manual (ABBOT).pdf
Hand Dug Wells (ACF - French).DOC
Hand Dug Wells and Their Construction (ITDG).pdf

Methods of Lining a Hand Dug Well (WEDC).pdf
Selecting a Well Site (USAID).pdf
Self Help Wells (FAO).pdf
Upgrading Traditional Wells Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Water Well Manual (USAID).pdf
Well Cleaning Record (IRC Kosovo).pdf
Well Cleaning Technical Brief (Oxfam).pdf
Well Construction (Peace Corps).pdf
Well Construction Using Curved Hollow Block.pdf

Afridev Handpump - Problems and Solutions (WEDC).pdf
Comparision of PV vs Handpumps vs Diesel for Rural Water (NTIS).pdf
CWS The Handpump Option (WB).pdf
Hand Pump Impact Appraisal Report Vietnam (SKAT).pdf

Handpump Selection (WASH).pdf
Handpump Supply Chain Vietnam (SDC).pdf
Handpump Technology Research and Evaluation (IDRC).pdf
Handpump Testing and Development - Part II (WB).pdf
Handpump Testing and Development (WB).pdf
Handpumps (ITDG).pdf
How to Select Human Powered Pumps (MTU).pdf
Human Water Lifters (ITDG).pdf
Hydro India Pump Spec (Pump Sets UK).pdf
India Handpump Revolution (HTN SKAT).pdf
Installing Hand Pumps (USAID).pdf
Lab Testing of Handpump (WB).pdf
Low Cost Pump Alternatives (WSP).pdf
Maintaining Handpumps Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Manufacture of Handpumps (Warwick Uni).pdf
Manufacturing Hand Pumps Locally (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Hand Pumps (USAID).pdf
Performance of Afridev and Nira Handpumps (CIDA).pdf
Performance Testing of Treadle Pumps (Warwick Uni).pdf
Proceedings HTN Workshop 1997.pdf
Proceedings HTN Workshop 2000.pdf
Public Domain Handpumps (SKAT).pdf
Pump Force.bmp
Pumps and Water Lifters (ERCP).pdf
Rural Water Supply in Africa (WEDC).pdf
Sustainable Handpump Projects (WEDC).pdf
Sustainable Handpumps (RWSN).pdf
VLOM Pumps Lessons (WEDC).pdf
VLOMM Handumps Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Water Lifting (SKAT).pdf

Afridev Handpumps in Pakistan (World Bank).pdf
Bush Pump (HTN SKAT).pdf
Canzee Hand Pump (SWS Filtration).flv
Canzee Installation and Maintenance Guide (SWS).pdf
Canzee Pump (Bushproof).wmv
Canzee Pump Brochure (BushProof).pdf
Canzee Pump.flv
Chinese Chain and Washer Pumps (ITDG).pdf
Evaluation of Jetting and Canzee Pumps (RWSN).pdf

India Mark II hand pump.doc
India Mark III (Unicef).pdf
Manuel Installation Afridev (HTN SKAT).pdf
Mozambique - AfriDev Pumps.pdf
The Canzee Pump (Bushproof).wmv
The Piston Water Pump (Brace).pdf
The Treadle Pump (Warwick Uni).pdf
U2 Pump Head.bmp

Rope and Washer Manual (Practika).pdf
Rope and Washer Pump Testing (German Lang - WOT).pdf

Rope Pump Policity Workshop (HTN SKAT).pdf
Rope Pump Policy Workshop.pdf
Rope Pump vs Nira (WEDC).pdf
The Rope Pump (World Bank).pdf
The Rope Pump Concept - French (SKAT).pdf
The Rope Pump Concept (SKAT).pdf

Butt Fusion Guidelines (PolyPipe).pdf
HDPE Brochure (Lamson).pdf
HDPE Typical Pipe Sizes.pdf
HDPE Working Pressure Rating (PP).pdf

Polietilene (PE) Pipe Systems Catalogue (Pannon Pipe).pdf
PVC Pressure Pipes and Fittings catalogue (Pannon Pipe).pdf
Selecting Pipe Materials (USAID).pdf
Specs for PE Pipe.pdf
Water Fittings (Even Products).pdf

Constructing a Distribution System (USAID).pdf
Constructing Community Distribution Systems (USAID).pdf
Drinking Water Installations in Nepal (SKAT).pdf
Gravity Fed Network Construction (ACF).pdf
Handbook of Gravity Flow Water Systems (UNICEF).pdf
Installing Pipes (USAID).pdf
Manual for Rural Water Supply (SKAT).pdf
Methods of Delivering Water (USAID).pdf
Multi-Village Rural Water Supply Schemes (World Bank).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Household Water Connections (USAID).pdf

Rehabilitating Small-Scale Piped Water Distribution Systems (WHO).pdf

Choosing Between Community and HHold Connections (USAID).pdf
Choosing Between Gravity Flow and Pumps (USAID).pdf
Design Guide for Community Water Systems (MDNP).pdf
Design Manual for Public Improvements (Naperville).pdf
Design of Small Water Systems (US Army).pdf
Designing a System of Gravity Flow (USAID).pdf
Designing a Transmission Main (USAID).pdf
Designing Community Distribution Systems (USAID).pdf
Designing Intakes for Rivers and Streams (USAID).pdf
Detecting and Correcting Leaking Pipes (USAID).pdf
Gravity Fed Network Design (ACF).pdf
Hydraulic Analysis of Ductile Iron Pipe (Bipra).pdf
Intermittent Supply (South Bank University).pdf
PE Pipe Design and Engineering Guide (Polypipe).pdf
Peak Factor (Water SA).pdf
Pipe Flow Measurement.PDF

Pressure Guidelines for HDPE.pdf
Public Standpost Water Supplies (IRC).pdf
Rural Water Supply in Developing Countries (IDRC).pdf
Rural Water Supply in Nepal - Design Manual (UNICEF).pdf
Temperature Pressure De-Rating PVC Pipe.pdf
Water Distribution (US Army).pdf
Water Distribution 2 (US Army).pdf
Water Distribution Kit Manual (Oxfam).pdf
Water Field Work Guide 2005.pdf
Water Hammer in Piped Systems (UoFl).pdf
Water Network Demand Projections (DNRM).pdf
Water System Design Problems (CARE).pdf

Helping India 24x7 Water Supply (ADB).pdf

Rural Water Supply in China (IDRC).pdf
Safe Piped Water (WHO).pdf
Small Community Water Supplies (WHO).pdf
So Close to the City - So Far from the Pipe (DPU).pdf
Tap Design Review Thesis (Cranfield University - Gildas Le Hyaric).pdf
Village Water Systems (UNICEF).pdf
Water Sources (US Army).pdf
Water Supply (US Army).pdf
Water Supply for Small Communities (WHO).pdf
Water Supply General Considerations (US Army).pdf
Water Supply Requirements (Sunnyside).doc
Watersystems Part I (Backwoodsman).pdf
Watersystems Part II - Tanks and Pumps (Backwoodsman).pdf
Watersystems Part III (Backwoodsman).pdf

Ground Penetrating Radar for Leak Detection (ICGPR).pdf
Handheld Acoustic Water Leak Detector (MT).pdf
Household Water Leak Detection Kit (AW).pdf
Household Water Leak Detection Primer.pdf
Leak Detection and Repair Guidance Document (GEPD).pdf
Leak Detection and Water Loss Control Fact Sheet (NDW).pdf
Leak Detection Overview (AWC).pdf
Reducing Water Leaks (DOH).pdf

Constructing, Operating and Maintaining Roof Catchments (USAID).pdf
Current Technology for Rainwater Harvesting (Warwick Uni).pdf
Designing Roof Catchments (USAID).pdf

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting (WELL).pdf
Evaluating Rainfall Catchments (USAID).pdf
Fog Harvesting (Silsoe).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting (ITDG).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting Design Data (ITDG).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Supply (USAID).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting in the Tropics (Lanka).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting Manual (Texas).pdf
Rainwater Harvesting Tech Brief (Aus).pdf

Recommendations for Rainwater Tanks (Warwick Uni).pdf
Sizing the First Flush (MIT).pdf
Water Quality of Rainwater Harvesting.pdf

Bamboo-cement Water Tanks (YDD).pdf
Buried and Semi Submerged Tanks Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Storage Tanks (WHO).pdf

Constructing a Ground Level Storage Tank (USAID).pdf
Constructing a Household Cistern (USAID).pdf
Constructing an Elevated Storage Tank (USAID).pdf
Construction Ferrocement Water Tank 3500 Gallons (CADC).pdf
Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures (US Army).pdf
Designing a Ground Level Storage Tank (USAID).pdf
Designing a Household Cistern (USAID).pdf
Designing an Elevated Storage Tank (USAID).pdf
Determining the Need for Water Storage (USAID).pdf
Ferrocement Tanks and their Construction (ITDG).pdf
Ferrocement Water Tanks Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Household Water Storage (WEDC).pdf
Hydraulic Engineering Requirements for Reservoirs (US Army).pdf
Maintaining Water Storage Tanks (USAID).pdf
Methods of Storing Water (USAID).pdf
Rammed Earth and Stabilized Soil Tanks (Warwick Uni).pdf

Small Tanks in Cascades (IWMI).pdf
Stabilized Soil Water Tanks.pdf
Water Scarcity and the Role of Storage in Development (IWMI).pdf
Water Storage (US Army).pdf
Water Storage 2 (US Army).pdf
Water Storage Manual (Oxfam).pdf

Constructing Structures for Springs (USAID).pdf
Designing Structures for Springs (USAID).pdf
Development and Protection of Remote Springs (WEDC).pdf
Drinking Water Source Protection (IRC).pdf
Maintaining Structures for Springs (USAID).pdf
Protecting a Spring (WEDC).pdf
Protecting Springs Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Water Source Protection (French - ACF).DOC

Groundwater Recharge by Subsurface Dams.pdf
SubSurface Dams (MoE Japan).pdf
SubSurface Dams (WEDC).pdf
SubSurface Dams (World Bank).pdf
Subsurface Dams Evaluation Report (TLDP).pdf

Constructing Intakes for Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs (USAID).pdf
Constructing Intakes for Streams and Rivers (USAID).pdf
Designing Intakes for Ponds Lakes and Reservoirs (USAID).pdf
Designing Intakes for Streams and Rivers (USAID).pdf
Drinking Water Source Protection (IRC).pdf
Improving Pond Water Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Maintaining Intakes (USAID).pdf
Methods of Developing Sources of Surface Water (USAID).pdf
Planning How to Use Sources of Surface Water (USAID).pdf
Selecting a Source of Surface Water (USAID).pdf

Water Source Selection Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Abney instructions (Maryland Uni).pdf
ABNEY Leveling Form.doc

The Abney Level (DoF).pdf

Escape 203 Pressure Altimeter Manual (SUUNTO).pdf
E-Trex Summit.pdf
E-Trex Vista GPS Manual (Garmin).pdf
GPS for Beginners (Garmin).pdf
GPS Surveying and Plotting Procedures (IRC).doc
GPS Surveying and Plotting Procedures _IRC_.pdf

GPS12XL Manual (Garmin).pdf

Applications of Levelling.ppt
Coordinates and Surveying.ppt
Horizontal Curves.pdf
Introduction To Engineering Surveys.ppt
Introduction To Levelling Surveys.ppt
Levelling Circuit.ppt
Levelling Errors.ppt
Levelling Summary.ppt
Levelling Survey Booking Sheet Example.pdf
Levelling Survey Booking Sheet Rise and Fall.doc
Levelling Survey Booking Sheet.doc
Levelling Surveys Part II.ppt
Profiles and Setting Out.ppt
Setting Out Example.pdf
Setting up a Theodolite 1.ppt
Setting up a Theodolite 2.ppt
Setting up a Theodolite 3.ppt
Setting up Theodolite 4.ppt
Surveying Angles.ppt
Surveying Booking Sheet.doc
Surveying Booking Sheet.ppt
Surveying Contours.ppt

Surveying Traverse1.ppt
Surveying Traverse2.ppt
Theodolite Errors.ppt
Theodolite Setup Summary.pdf
Theodolite Sightings.ppt
Topographic Surveying Manual (NJ DOT).pdf
Traverse Form.doc
Two Peg Test for a Level.ppt

Community Participation Urban Water (Tearfund).pdf
Planning for WASH in Peri-Urban Areas (Swedish Water House).pdf
Rural and Urban Water Supply Africa (IRC).pdf
Urban Water Manual (India Water Works Association).pdf

Urban WatSan Guide (USAID).pdf

Calculators for Ramp Pump Design (Warwick Uni).pdf
Designing a Hydraulic Ram Pump (USAID).pdf
DTU P90 Ram Pump (Warwick Uni).pdf
DTU S1 Ram Pump (Warwick Uni).pdf
DTU S2 Ram Pump (Warwick Uni).pdf
How Ram Pumps Work (Warwick Uni).pdf
Hydraulic Ram Manufacture and Installation Guide (UNICEF).pdf
Hydraulic Ram Pump Manual (ITDG).pdf
Hydraulic Ram Pumps (ITDG).pdf
Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Popular Mechanics).pdf
Hydrualic Rams (RIFE).pdf
Introduction to Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Warwick Uni).pdf
New Developments in Ram Pumping (Warwick Uni).pdf
Ram Pump System Design Notes (Warwick Uni).pdf

The Ram Pump (Home Power).pdf

Comparision of PV vs Handpumps vs Diesel for Rural Water (NTIS).pdf

Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Pumping (COOPI).pdf
Makopung Solar Powered Water Project (Mvula).pdf
PV Water Pumping Systems (New Mexico University).pdf
Solar for Rural Development (FAO).pdf
Solar Pumping (ITDG).pdf
Solar Pumping Cost Recovery.pdf

Solar System Presentation (COOPI).ppt
Solar Voltaics for Water Pumping (SKAT).pdf
Solar Water Pumping Basics (Backwoods).pdf
Solar Water Pumping Case Study (GTZ).pdf
Tata BP Solar Pump (Tata BP).pdf

Determining Pumping Requirements (USAID).pdf
Electric Pump Starters (IEEE).pdf
Grundfos Brochure.pdf
Grundfos Technical Data.pdf
Installing Mechanical Pumping (USAID).pdf
Low Lift Irrigation Pumps Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Mechanical Pumps (USAID).pdf
Pumps (ACF).pdf
Selecting a Power Source for Pumps (USAID).pdf
Selecting Pumps (USAID).pdf
Water Lifting (SKAT).pdf
Water Pumping Devices (ITDG).pdf

Water Pumping Manual (Oxfam).pdf

Afghanistan Windpump Construction Drawings (ACC).pdf
Cheap Wind Pumping (Brace).pdf
Considerations for Wind Powered Borehole Pumping (CRDA).pdf

Windpumps (ITDG).pdf

Arsenic and Reproductive Health (ICDDR).pdf
Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater (ICDDR).pdf
Arsenic Fact Sheet (WHO).pdf
Arsenic in Bangladesh (WHO).pdf

Drinking Water Guidelines for Arsenic (WHO).pdf
Evaluation of 3 Arsenic Removal Technologies (MIT).pdf
Factsheet Arsenic (Oxfam).doc
Review of Arsenic Kits (DFID).pdf
Safe Water Technology for Arsenic (WHO).pdf
Sources and Behaviour of Arsenic (BGS).pdf
Strategies to Mitigate Arsenic (WHO).pdf
Technical and Social Evaluation of 3 Arsenic Removal Technologies (MIT).pdf
Well Switching for Arsenic Control (WHO).pdf

Asbestos in Building Materials (Oxfam).doc
Asbestos Information (Oxfam).doc
Asbestos Products (Oxfam).doc
Asbestos Risk Assessment (Valic).pdf
Asbestos Summary Info (Oxfam).doc

A-Z Asbestos (Oxfam).doc
Public Health Statement for Asbestos (Oxfam).doc
Types of Asbestos (Oxfam).doc

Bone Char Production (CDN).pdf
Community Level Defluoridation (CDN).pdf
Defluoridation (India).pdf
Defluoridation Using Activated Alumina (UNICEF).pdf
Domestic DeFluoridation in Lao (WEDC).pdf
Domestic DeFluoridation Unit Instructions (UNICEF).pdf
Exposure to Aluminium Literature Review (UNICEF).doc
Fluoride Field Testing Kit (UNICEF).pdf
Fluoride in Water (UNICEF).pdf

Fluorides in Water (Rajas).ppt
Fluorides in Water Overview (UNICEF).ppt
Fluorosi Mapping (WEDC).doc
Fluorosis Mitigation (CDN).pdf
Household Defluoridation (CDN).pdf
Regeneration Manual Aluminia.pdf
Regeneration Manual of Activated Alumina (UNICEF).pdf
Selected Fluoride Photos (UNICEF).ppt
Specifications for Domestic Defluoridation (UNICEF).pdf

Childhood Lead Poisoning (UNICEF).pdf
Hygiene Change Program for Children with Lead Poisoning (EHP).pdf
Lead Poisoning in Pakistan (WHO).pdf

Algae and Cyanobacteria in Fresh Water (WHO).pdf

Toxic Cyanobacteria (WHO).pdf
Toxic Cyanobacteria Blooms - A Field Guide (DOH).pdf

Analyzing a Water Sample (USAID).pdf
European Standards For Drinking Water (WHO).pdf
Guidelines for Drinking-Water Reccomendations (WHO).pdf
Guidelines for Drinking-Water Surveillance and Control (WHO).pdf
Household Water Consumption and Quality Monitoring Form (Oxfam).doc

Sanitary Surveying (WEDC).pdf
Simplified Procedures for Water Examination (AWWA).pdf
Taking a Water Sample (USAID).pdf
The Drinking Water Tsunami Response (WHO).pdf
Water Quality (French ACF).doc

Water Quality Monitoring (Oregon).ppt
Water Quality or Quantity Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Water Quality Training Manual (DACAAR).pdf
Water Testing (WEDC).pdf
Water Testing Technical Brief (Oxfam).pdf

Brief Guide to Water Safety Plans (DWI).pdf

Sanitary Surveying (WEDC).pdf
Sanitary Surveys (USAID).pdf

Water Quality Management System (Oxfam).pdf
Water Quality Monitoring New Technologies (IWA).pdf
Water Quality Surveillance (Oregon County).pdf
Water Quality Surveillance (WEDC).pdf

Water Safety Plans (WEDC).pdf
Water Safety Plans (WHO).pdf
Water Safety Plans Book #1 (WEDC).pdf
Water Safety Plans Book #2 (WEDC).pdf
Water Safety Plans Book #4 (WEDC).pdf

Water Safety Plans in Bangladesh (APSU).pdf
Water Supply Surveillance (WEDC).pdf
Water Supply Surveillance Field Manual (WEDC).pdf

Biological Water Quality Testing with Delagua Kit.ppt

DelAgua Kit Manual.pdf
Evaluation of H2S Method (WHO).pdf
Manual Delagua (French - OXFAM).doc
Manual Delagua (OXFAM).doc
Membrane Filtration (Hach).pdf
Millipore Incubators - User Guide (Millipore).pdf
Pathoscreen Procedure (Hach).pdf
Petrifilm Introduction (Marks).pdf
POU Monitoring by H2S (MIT).pdf
Revised Del Agua Kit Manual (Oxfam).doc
Revised Del Agua Kit Manual 2007 (Oxfam).pdf
The H2S Test Strip (NICD).pdf

Arsenic Test Kit (Hach).pdf

DR 820 Manual (Hach).pdf
DR 820 Summary Procedures (IRC).doc
DR 850 Manual (Hach).pdf
Evaluation of Water Quality Kits (UNICEF).pdf
Fluoride Test Kit (Hach).pdf
Hach Kit DR 820 Summary Procedures.doc
Review of Arsenic Kits (DFID).pdf
TDS Pocket Pal (Hach).pdf

Emergency Water Supply in Cold Regions Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Emergency Watsan for Cold Regions (WEDC).pdf

Delivering Safe Water (WHO).pdf
Procedures for Emergency Water Trucking (MEP).pdf
Water Tankering Example.txt

Water Trucking (French - ACF).doc

Boiling Water Times to Kill Pathogens (EPA).pdf

Cost of Boiling (En Sci Tech).pdf

AquaChlor Presetation (AquaChlor).ppt
Challenging Drinking Water Disinfection (IWA).pdf
Chlorinating Small Water Supplies (WELL).pdf

Chlorination (WHO).pdf
Chlorination and Diarrhea (JHPN).pdf
Chlorination Basics (IRC EH).doc
Chlorination Guide (French - ACF).doc
Chlorination Guidelines (ACF).DOC
Chlorination History.pdf

Chlorination Technical Brief (WEDC).pdf
Chlorination Technologies for Small Water Systems (SilverFalls).ppt

Chlorine in Emergencies (WQHC).ppt
Cleaning and Disinfecting Boreholes (WHO).pdf
Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Storage Tanks (WHO).pdf
Cleaning and Disinfecting Wells (WHO).pdf
Constructing a Disinfection Unit (USAID).pdf
Contamination Between Source and Point-of-Use (IWA).pdf
Designing a Small Community Disinfection Unit (USAID).pdf
Disinfectant Guidelines (UNHCR).pdf
Disinfecting Wells (USAID).pdf
Disinfection By Products and Pregnancy (EPA).pdf
Dosatron Catalogue.pdf
Dosetron Proportional Doser (Dosetron).pdf
Engineering in Emergencies - Chlorination Pages (RedR).pdf
Exposure to Disinfection Byproducts (Elsevier).pdf
How to Measure Chlorine Residual (WHO).pdf
Jar Test.txt
Jerry Can Disinfection Electrolytic Chlorine Generator Trial (Surrey Uni).pdf
NaDCC (MSF).pdf
Operating and Maintaining a Chemical Disinfection Unit (USAID).pdf
Operation Manual (AquaChlor).pdf
Water Supply Chlorination Calculation Form (IRC).xls
Water Treatment in Emergencies (USAID).pdf
Well Chlorination Guidelines (ACF).doc
Well Disinfection (NGWA).pdf

Aluminium in Water Treatment (IRC).doc

Everything about Coagulation and Flocculation (Zeta Meter).pdf

Sedimentation, Coagulation and Disinfection Guidelines (OXFAM).pdf
Upflow Clarifier (OXFAM).pdf
Water Coagulation Using Morongia Seeds Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Desalination Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Trends in Desalination Technology (Hanbury).pdf
Trends in Deslination Technology Presentation.pdf

Facilitating Community Water Filtration Supplies (IRC).pdf
Filtration (NDWC).pdf

Gravity Roughing Filter (WEDC).pdf
Nano Filtration Water Paper (Meridian Institute).pdf

Reduction of Cholera by Filtration.pdf
Testing Intermittent Slow Sand Filters (BushProof).pdf
The Fibra Filter (Imperial College).pdf
Water Filtration Manual (OXFAM).pdf

Biosand Field Sand Sieve Analysis Instructions (BushProof).pdf
Biosand Filters in Nepal (MIT).pdf
BioSand Filtration (Waterloo Uni).pdf
Constructing a Household Sand Filter (USAID).pdf
Household Slow Sand Filtration (MIT) .pdf
Household Slow Sand Filtration (MIT).pdf

Cambodia Photosheet (IDE).pdf
Ceramic Filter National Rollout Plan (IDE).pdf
Ceramic Filter Press Construction Diagrams (PFP).pdf
Ceramic Filter Production (USMil).pdf
Ceramic Filter Production Manual (PFP).pdf
Ceramic Filter Trial (Trop Med).pdf
Ceramic Filter Workshop Equipment (PFP).pdf

Ceramic Water Filter Report1 (USAID).doc
Ceramic Water Filter Training Plan (PFP).doc
Ceramic Water Purifier Cambodia Field Tests (IDE).pdf
Cermaic Water Filter Training Video Geneiena - Sudan (PFP).wmv
Colloidal silver Filter Brochure (PFP).pdf
Colloidal Silver Household Filter Mark II Presentation (SBL).pdf
Colloidal Silver Production Manual (PFP).pdf

Filter Making Experience (IDE).pdf
Household Based Ceramic Water Filters (IWA).pdf

Household POU Treatment Nepal (USAID).pdf

Investigation into the PFP Ceramic Filter (CDC).pdf
Mani Kiln Plans (PFP).pdf

POU Water Filters in Nepal (PFP)l.ppt

Short Ceramic Water Filter Video (PFP).wmv
Swahili Filter Sticker (PFP).doc
Table Filter and SWS in Peru (MIT).pdf
Water Filter Production - Cambodia (PFP).MPG

Disinfecting Water - Saving Lives (PSI).pdf

Safe Water System - Reduced Size (CDC).pdf
Safe Water System (CDC).pdf
Safe Water System Overview (CDC).pdf
Use of Iodine for Water Disinfection (EHP Journal).pdf

Flocc-Disinf Trial Guatemala (Trop Med).pdf
Flocc-Disinf Trial Kenya (BMJ).pdf
Flocc-Dising with Bleach is Acceptable (BMJ).pdf

PUR Kenya Trial (BMJ).pdf
PUR Trial Liberia (Journal of Tropical Health).pdf

Household Solar Disinfection Feasibility (MIT).pdf

SODIS Manual (SODIS).pdf
SODIS Pamphlet (SANDEC).pdf
SODIS Promotion Manual (SODIS).pdf
SODIS Technical Note (SANDEC).pdf
Solar Disinfection and ORS (UNICEF).pdf
Spirasol Continuous Solar Disinfection (MIT).pdf

Best Practices in Social Marketing for POU (USAID).pdf
Challenges to Scaling Up HWT (MIT).pdf
Cholera Prevention & POU Treatment (AmJPH).pdf
Combating Disease at the HH Level (WHO).pdf
Comparison of POU in Western Kenya - Poster (CDC).doc
Designing Household Water Treatment Systems (USAID).pdf
Domestic Water Quantity (WHO) .pdf
Drinking Water Quality and POU (USAID).pdf
E-Conference Report HWTS (HIP).pdf
Effectiveness of POU Water Treatment HIV (Trop Med).pdf
Expanding Access to POU Treatment (AmJPH).pdf
Extending Protection to the POU (Clasen and Bastable).pdf
Household Based Water Treatment Trial (BMJ).pdf
Household Drinking Water Systematic Review (Trop Med).pdf
Household POU Treatment (IFH).pdf
Household Treatment Systems O&M (USAID).pdf
Household Water Management (Trop Med).pdf
Household Water Quality in Dev Countries (JWH).pdf
Household Water Treatment (CDC).pdf
Household Water Treatment Meeting Notes Nairobi (UNICEF).pdf
Household Water Treatment Review (CDC).pdf
Household Water Treatment Systematic Review (BMJ).pdf
Household Water Treatment1 Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Household Water Treatment2 Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Improving Water Quality for Preventing Diarrhoea (Clasen).pdf
Iodinization - Review of LifeStraw (CDC).doc
Keeping Clean Water Clean (WHO).pdf
Managing Water in the Home (WHO).pdf
Marketing Safe Water Systems (SDC).pdf
POU Bibliography (USAID).pdf
POU E-Conference Synthesis (HIP).doc

POU Water Treatment (HIP).pdf
POU Water Treatment and HIV (Trop Med).pdf
Safe Water Storage and Treatment (CDC).ppt
Safe Water Storage, Tap Design and Cost Recovery (MIT).pdf
Scaling Up HWTS (Clasen).pdf
Status of Household Water Treatment (HIF).pdf
Water Quality to Prevent Diarrhoea - Cost Effectiveness (WHO).pdf

Horizontal Flow Roughing Filters (En Sci Tech).pdf
Horizontal Flow Roughing Filtration (MIT).pdf
Horizontal Roughing Filtration (MIT).pdf
Multi Stage Filtration TOP (IRC).pdf
Roughing Filter Design Using Polystyrene Beads (WEDC).pdf
Roughing Filter Run Estimation (Journal Science and Technology).pdf

Surface Water Treatment by Roughing Filters (Sandec).pdf
Verifying Wegelin's Roughing Filter Design Criteria (Water SA).pdf

Constructing a Sedimentation Basin (USAID).pdf
Designing a Small Community Sedimentation Basin (USAID).pdf
Moringa Seeds for Water Purification (WEDC).pdf
Operating and Maintaining a Sedimentation Basin (USAID).pdf
Sedimentation, Coagulation and Disinfection Guidelines (OXFAM).pdf

Constructing a Slow Sand Filter (USAID).pdf
Designing a Slow Sand Filter (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Slow Sand Filters (USAID).pdf
Slow Sand Filters (WEDC).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration (J Env Eng).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration (NDWCH).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration (WHO).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration for CWS - Bibliography (IRC).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration for CWS - Design and Construction (IRC).pdf
Slow Sand Filtration for CWS (IRC).pdf

How to Make a Solar Still (Brace).pdf
Simple Solar Still (Brace).pdf
Solar Water Distillation (UNDP).pdf

Solar Water Distiller Assembly Sketch.pdf

Conventional Water Treatment (Davis).pdf
Determining Water Treatment Need (USAID).pdf
Emergency Treatment of Drinking Water (WHO).pdf
Handpump Iron Reducing Filters (Silsoe College).pdf
Introduction to Water Treatment (EPB).pdf
Iron & Manganese Removal (SKAT).pdf
Methods of Water Treatment (USAID).pdf
Planning a Water Treatment System (USAID).pdf
Rehabilitating Water Treatment Works (WHO).pdf
Simple Water Treatment (ITDG).pdf
Sky Juice Instructions (Sky Juice).pdf
Water Purification Systems (Gov Can).pdf
Water Treatment (French - ACF).DOC
Water Treatment (IRC).pdf
Water Treatment (US ARMY).pdf
Water Treatment and Pathogen Control (WHO).pdf

Water Treatment in Emergencies (OXFAM).pdf
Water Treatment Technologies (WSTC).pdf
Water Treatment2.pdf

Biogas and Liquid Fuels (ITDG).pdf
Biogas Plants (GTZ).PDF

Biomass (ITDG).pdf
Constructing a Biogas System (USAID).pdf
Designing a Biogas System (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining a Biogas System (USAID).pdf
Plastic Tube Biogas Unit (ADAB).pdf
Purification of Biogas (GTZ).pdf
Simple Oil Drum Biogas Digester (FAO).PDF

Achieving Total Sanitation (WaterAid).pdf
CLTS 10 Steps (WaterAid).flv
CLTS Cost Motivation Sustainability (LSHTM).pdf
Community Led Sanitation - Subsidy or Self Respect (IDS).pdf
Community Led Total Sanitation (IDS).pdf

Evaluation of WaterAids CLTS Program in Nigeria (WaterAid).pdf
Going to Scale with CLTS - Reflection on Experience (IDS).pdf
Handbook on CLTS (IDS).pdf
Shifting Millions from Open Defecation (VERC).pdf
Taking CLTS to Scale (IDS).pdf
Total Community Sanitation (IDS).pdf

Dead Bodies Field Manual (WHO).pdf
Disposal of Dead Bodies Tech Brief (WHO).pdf
Disposal of the Dead (WEDC).ppt
Management of Dead Bodies (WHO).pdf

Comparison of the KKNAG Latrine Slabs (MSF-H).pdf
Domestic and Refugee Camp Waste Management Collection and Disposal (Oxfam).pdf
Emergency Sanitation - ACF (French).DOC
Emergency Sanitation - Planning (WHO).pdf
Emergency Sanitation - Technical (WHO).pdf
Emergency Sanitation (WEDC).pdf
Emergency Sanitation Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Excreta Disposal for Physically Vulnerable People in Emergencies (Oxfam).pdf
Excreta Disposal in Floods (Oxfam).pdf
Guidelines for Excreta Disposal in Emergencies (Oxfam).pdf
Handbook For Emergencies - Sanitation (UNHCR).pdf
Sanitation in an Afghan Refugee Camp (GAA).pdf
Solid Waste Management in Emergencies (WHO).pdf
Urine Diversion Toilets in Emergency Settings (Oxfam).pdf

Alternative Environmental Sanitation Approaches (EAWAG).pdf
Appropriate Sanitation Technologies (UNDP).pdf
Appropriate Technology for Water and Sanitation - Part II (World Bank).pdf
Appropriate Technology for Water and Sanitation - Part IV (World Bank).pdf
Asia's Urgent Sanitation Challenge (ADB).pdf
Assessing Sanitation Policy (WEDC).pdf
Assessing the Risk of On Site Sanitation (BGS + DFID).pdf
Bangladesh National Sanitation Strategy (MRDC).pdf
Basic Excreta Disposal (GTZ).pdf
Can Africa Afford to Miss the Sanitation MDG Target (World Bank).pdf
Community Sanitation improvement Guide (WASH).pdf
Excreta Disposal for Rural Areas (WHO).pdf
Extract From On Site Sanitation (WHO).pdf
Fatal Neglect (WaterAid).pdf

Global Sanitation Experiences (UNICEF).pdf
Global Sanitation Fund (WSSCC).pdf
Groundwater, Latrines and Health (WELL).pdf
Guidelines for National Sanitation Policies (EHP).pdf
Household Centered Sanitation (WSSCC).pdf
Improving Sanitation (USAID).pdf
Latrine Cost Report (Choe).pdf
Latrine Hygiene Monitoring Form (Oxfam).doc
Latrines (Oxfam).ppt
Latrines Case Study (RedR).doc
Low Cost Latrines in Ethiopia (Tropical Medecine).pdf
New Methodology San Projects (WEDC).pdf
Northern Cape Household Sanitation Programme (Mvula).pdf
Overview of Sanitation (USAID).pdf
Parasites and Sanitation (Tropical Medecine).pdf
Poverty and Sanitation in Honduras (WSP).pdf
Rethinking Sanitation (UNDP).pdf
Review of the Safe Disposal of Faeces (IRC).pdf
Rural Sanitation (Unknown).pdf
Sanitation (ADB).pdf
Sanitation a Human Rights Imperative (COHRE).pdf
Sanitation a Human Rights Imperative (WaterAid).pdf
Sanitation a Problem of Scale (WEDC).pdf
Sanitation and Economic Development (WaterAid).pdf
Sanitation and Hygiene (ODI).pdf
Sanitation and Hygiene (UNICEF).PDF
Sanitation and the MDGs (ODI).pdf
Sanitation and Water (WaterAid).pdf
Sanitation Case Studies (WaterAid).pdf
Sanitation for All (UNICEF).pdf
Sanitation in Developing Countries (CIDA).pdf
Sanitation Manual (UNICEF).pdf
Sanitation Nepal (UNICEF).doc
Sanitation Partnerships Harnessing Potential (BPD).pdf
Sanitation Partnerships Landlord or Tenant (BPD).pdf
Sanitation Partnerships Roundtable (BPD).pdf
Sanitation Policies (IRC).pdf
Sanitation Poster (UNICEF).pdf
Sanitation Related Diseases Fact Sheet (WHO).doc
Sanitation Revisited (WELL).pdf
Sanplats (LCS).pdf
Smart Sanitation Solutions (NWP).pdf
Sustainable Sanitation (WaterAID).pdf
Sustained Sanitation for the Poor (World Bank).pdf
Tackling a Global Crisis (IYS).pdf
Tackling the Silet Killer - The Case for Sanitation (WaterAid).pdf
The Human Waste (WaterAID and TearFund).pdf
The International Year of Sanitation (EAWAG).pdf
The National Sanitation Program in Lesotho (World Bank).pdf
The Sanitation Challenge (WHO).pdf
VIP Latrines in Zimbabwe (World Bank).pdf

Whatever Happened to Sanitation (B Evans).pdf

An Introduction to Pit Latrines (WEDC).pdf
Beyond Construction (IRC).pdf
Choosing a Water Seal Latrine (WEDC).pdf
Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies (EAWAG).pdf
Compost Toilets (ITDG).pdf
Constructing Aqua Privies (USAID).pdf
Constructing Bucket Latrines (USAID).pdf
Constructing Compost Toilets (USAID).pdf
Constructing Pits for Privies (USAID).pdf
Constructing Privy Shelters (USAID).pdf
Constructing Septic Tanks (USAID).pdf
Constructing Slabs for Privies (USAID).pdf
Designing Aqua Privies (USAID).pdf
Designing Bucket Latrines (USAID).pdf
Designing Compost Toilets (USAID).pdf
Designing Pits for Privies (USAID).pdf
Designing Privy Shelters (USAID).pdf
Designing Slabs for Privies (USAID).pdf
Emptying Latrine Pits Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Latrine Slabs and Seats Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Low Cost Pour Flush Latrines (World Bank).pdf
Mozambique Latrine Slabs.pdf
On Plot Sanitation (WEDC).pdf
On Plot Sanitation Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Aqua Privies (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Bucket Latrines (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Compost Toilets (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Privies (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Septic Tanks (USAID).pdf
Sanitation for Primary Schools in Africa (WEDC).pdf
Sanitation Without Water (Winblad Kitama).pdf
Simple Methods of Excreta Disposal (USAID).pdf
Teacher's Paradise Latrine Design (Bandberg).pdf
Thailand Water Seal Privy.pdf
The Design of VIP Latrines (World Bank).pdf
VIP Latrines (World Bank).pdf

Annex 'A' - Incinerator Construction Drawings (De Montford).pdf
Incinerator Construction Plans (DeMontford).pdf
Incinerator Guidelines (De Montford).pdf

Incinerators (US Army).pdf
Low Cost Medical Waste Incinerator (ITDG).pdf
Mark7 Incinerator Construction (DeMontford).pdf

Hazardous Wastes (Oxfam).pdf
Health Waste Aide Memoire (WHO).pdf
Medical Incinerator (MSF).pdf

Risk from Healthcare Wastes (WELL).pdf
Safe Handling of Health Care Wastes (Hesp).pdf
Safe Management of Waste from Health Care Activities (WHO).pdf

Manual Desludging Hand Pump BoQ (Oxfam).pdf
Manual Desludging Hand Pump Manual (Oxfam).pdf
Manual Desludging Hand Pump Poster (Oxfam).doc
Manual Desludging Hand Pump Poster (Oxfam).pdf
Manual Desludging Hand Pump Work Flow (Oxfam).pdf

Poo Pump Design Drawings (Oxfam).pdf

Appropriate Technology for Water and Sanitation - Nightsoil Composting (World Bank).pdf
Compost Toilets (NCAT).pdf

Composting of Human Waste (World Bank).pdf
Composting of Organic Materials and Recycling (Oxfam).pdf
Composting Toilets - Frequently Asked Questions (ITDG).doc
Dry Composting Latrines in Guatemala (Cemat).pdf
Dry Sanitation in Urban Environments (Mvula).pdf
Goodbye to the Flush Toilet (CHS).pdf
Health Aspects of Dry Sanitation with Waste Reuse (WELL).pdf
Latrines a Compost - French (Morgan).pdf
Marketing Compost (EAWAG).pdf
Toilets that Make Compost (Morgan).pdf

Aquaculture - A Component of Low Cost Sanitation (World Bank).pdf
Ecological Sanitation (SIDA).pdf
Ecological Sanitation in Nepal - A Case Study (Chepang).pdf
ECOSAN Presentation (SUDEA).pdf
Health Aspects of Dry Sanitation with Waste Reuse (WELL).pdf
Household Adoption of EcoSan in Kenya (MIT).pdf
Household Centered Environmental Sanitation (EAWAG).pdf

Using Human Waste Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Challenges of Financing Sanitation (World Bank).pdf
Durban Kibeira Pit Emptying (BPD).pdf
Durban Sanitation Case Study (BPD).pdf
Financing and Aid Instruments for Water and Sanitation (WaterAid).pdf
Financing Sanitation in Sub Saharan Africa (HydroConseil).pdf
Maseru Sanitation Case Study (BPD).pdf
Microfinance for Water and Sanitation in West Africa (WEDC).pdf
One Fly is Deadlier - Sanitation as a Business (World Bank).pdf

Sanitation is a Business (World Bank).pdf

Awareness Raising and Marketing of Sanitation (GTZ).pdf
Marketing Compost (EAWAG).pdf
Marketing Sanitation in Rural India (World Bank).pdf
Nairobi Sanitation Case Study (BPD).pdf
Opportunities for Sanitation Marketing in Uganda (HIP).pdf

Sanitation Partnerships (BPD).pdf
Sanitation Promotion (WHO).pdf
Social Marketing for Urban Sanitation (WEDC).pdf
Social Marketing for Urban Sanitation Workshop Report (WEDC).pdf
Social Marketing of Sanitation - More Than Selling Toilets.pdf
The Case for Marketing Sanitation (World Bank).pdf
Urban Sanitation Marketing (WSUP).pdf

Child Friendly Sanitation Facilities (IRC).pdf
Child Friendly WatSan in Schools (IRC).pdf
Sanitation for Primary Schools in Africa (WEDC).pdf

Condominial Water and Sewerage Systems (World Bank).pdf
Constructing Mechanically Aerated Lagoons (USAID).pdf
Constructing Septic Tanks (USAID).pdf
Constructing Sewer Systems (USAID).pdf
Constructing Stabilization Ponds (USAID).pdf
Constructing, Operating and Maintaining Cesspools (USAID).pdf
Design of Small Bore Sewer Systems (World Bank).pdf
Designing a System of Stabilization Ponds (USAID).pdf
Designing Cesspools (USAID).pdf
Designing Mechanically Aerated Lagoons (USAID).pdf
Designing Non-Conventional Absorption Systems (USAID).pdf
Designing Septic Tanks (USAID).pdf
Designing Sewer Systems (USAID).pdf
Designing Stabilization Ponds (USAID).pdf
Designing Subsurface Absorption Systems (USAID).pdf
Estimating Sewage or Washwater Flows (USAID).pdf
Methods of Combined Washwater and Excreta Disposal (USAID).pdf
Natural Sewage Recycling Systems (Small).pdf
O&M of Non-Conventional Absorption Systems (USAID).pdf
O&M of Sub-Surface Absorption Systems (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Aerated Lagoons (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Septic Tanks (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Sewer Systems (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining Stabilization Ponds (USAID).pdf
Planning Excreta and Washwater Disposal Systems (USAID).pdf
Planning Washwater and Excreta Disposal Systems (USAID).pdf
Septic Tank Guidelines (Oxfam).pdf
Septic Tank Practices (Warshall).pdf

Simplified Sewerage (Mara).pdf
Simplified Sewerage (UNDP).pdf

Innovative Sludge Drying Bed Design (Presto).pdf
Low Cost Options for Faecal Sludge Disposal (SANDEC).pdf

Treatment of Faecal Sludge and Wastewater (Sandec).pdf

Composting of Organic Materials and Recycling (Oxfam).pdf
Designing a Composting System (USAID).pdf
Designing a Landfill (USAID).pdf
Designing a Solid Waste Collection System (USAID).pdf
Domestic and Refugee Camp Waste Management Collection and Disposal (Oxfam).pdf
Guidelines for Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals (WHO).doc
Hazardous Wastes (Oxfam).pdf
Household Solid Waste Best Practice (USAID).pdf
Lessons Solid Waste (WELL).pdf
Medical Waste Incinerator Guide (DeMontford University).pdf
Methods of Solid Waste Management (USAID).pdf
Operating a Solid Waste Collection System (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining a Composting System (USAID).pdf
Operating and Maintaining a Landfill (USAID).pdf
Planning Solid Waste Management Systems (USAID).pdf
Safe Management of Wastes from Health Care Activities (WHO).pdf
Solid Waste Collection (WEDC).pdf

Solid Waste Disposal in Low Income Countries (WEDC).pdf
Solid Waste Management - Lessons from India (WEDC).pdf
Solid Waste Management Directory (SKAT).pdf
Solid Waste Management in Emergencies (WHO).pdf
Stakeholder Analysis Solid Waste (WELL).pdf
Success and Sustainability Indicators for Solid Waste (WEDC).pdf
Sustainability Indicators for Solid Waste Schemes (WEDC).pdf
The Sweeping Business (WEDC).pdf

A Manual for Drainage Maintenance Workers (WHO).pdf
Design Guidelines for Storm Drains (Seattle).doc
Drainage Technical Brief (Oxfam).pdf
Storm Drainage Design Guidelines (Oakland).pdf
Storm Water Management Manual (USEP).pdf

Stormwater Manual (Columbia).pdf
Surface Water Drainage Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Urban Drainage Design Manual (NTIS).pdf

Designing a Sanitation Program for the Urban Poor (EHP).pdf
Improving Sanitation in Small Towns (EHP).pdf
On Plot Sanitation (WEDC).pdf
Technology Options for Urban Sanitation in India (World Bank).pdf
The Challenge of Faecal Sludge Management in Urban Areas (WST).pdf
Urban Sanitation Marketing (WSUP).pdf

Waste Stabilization Ponds Design Manual (UNEP).pdf

Wastewater Treatment Options Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

Constructed Wetland Systems (MIT).pdf
Construction, Operation and Maintenance for Sumps, Soakage Pits and Trenches (USAID).pdf
Designing Sumps, Soakage Pits and Soakage Trenches (USAID).pdf
Determining Soil Suitability (USAID).pdf
Domestic Wastewater Treatment (US Army).pdf
Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries (Mara).pdf
Guidelines for Water ReUse (WASH).pdf
Guidelines Wastewater Reuse (WELL).pdf
Reuse of Wastewater Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf
Simple Methods of Wastewater Disposal (USAID).pdf
Small Wastewater Systems (US Army).pdf
Waste Stabilization Ponds Design Manual (UNEP).pdf

Wastewater Irrigiation in Developing Countries (World Bank).pdf
Wastewater Treatment (Unknown).pdf

Wastewater Treatment Options Tech Brief (WEDC).pdf

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