a silver treated- pottery pit latrine liner

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a silver treated- pottery pit latrine liner

Postby reidharvey » 07 Mar 2011 04:57

Greetings. Please let me know, and I'll post to individuals as an email attachment, a template for a twelve piece, pottery pit latrine liner. The pottery surface is to be *treated with a tiny amount of silver nitrate,* which will prevent pathogens growing on this, and this can be fired in a village-scale kiln, to the low temperature of 480 degrees C. Thus the nitrate will burn off, leaving silver metal bonded to the pottery surface. Note that the twelve pieces of the liner should be mortared to the concrete slab which is above the pit, using portland mortar.

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Re: a silver treated- pottery pit latrine liner

Postby JKMakowka » 07 Mar 2011 11:47

Could you please explain how having a antibacterial surface treatment would be of benefit for the lining of a pit latrine? The need it not really obvious to me at least.

Edit... ahh, ok this is to form a sort of toilet pan on top/inside of a regular latrine slap? I still don't see the need for a anti bacterial surface treatment, but it would be interesting to see the design of the pottery elements used for this.
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