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Home Hygiene - a practical guide

Postby sallyfboomfield » 05 May 2011 06:39

Home hygiene in developing countries: prevention of infection in the home and peri-domestic settings: a training resource on hygiene for teachers, community nurses, community workers and other health professionals in developing countries
The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (http://www.ifh-homehygiene.org) has produced a training resource on home hygiene aimed at developing country situations. It is intended to support community workers teachers etc who have responsibility for developing school and community hygiene promotion programmes – but can be used by anyone looking for an overview of hygiene and hygiene practice. Whereas most people recognise that hygiene means handwashing, there is some confusion about what else is involved. The resource is intended to meet this need. Although there are tools available that give guidance on planning and executing hygiene promotion programmes, these give limited guidance on understanding how infectious diseases are spread, identifying risk practices and finding the most effective interventions. The resource gives practical guidance on all aspects of hygiene (handwashing, food and water hygiene, disposal of waste, care of domestic animals etc) and looks at it from the point of view of the family and community, and what they need to know and do to protect themselves from infection. The emphasis is on how to identify situations where there is risk of infection transmission and what to do to prevent it. The resource is written in simple practical language and is intended for those with limited scientific or medical background. The resource is avaiable in English, Urdu and Russian
It can be downloaded from:http://www.ifh-homehygiene.org/IntegratedCRD.nsf/571fd4bd2ff8f2118025750700031676/19155ab46073e67f8025752200546d83?OpenDocument
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Re: Home Hygiene - a practical guide

Postby JKMakowka » 05 May 2011 17:59

Ahh, pretty nice, an URDU version is available. Will come in handy for sure. Thanks!
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