Water Conservation and Management Online Course May 7

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Water Conservation and Management Online Course May 7

Postby timmagee » 22 Apr 2013 21:40

Dear WaterSanitationHygiene Colleagues,

A shortage of water or unreliable access to water is one of the biggest issues in international development. Community water sources dry up during climate change related drought—or seasonally during the dry season. On sloping land, water that doesn't infiltrate into the soil is lost as runoff.

The Center for Sustainable Development—CSDi—is launching a fall quarter course on Water Conservation and Management that begins on May 7.

This course begins with a participatory mapping of water resources, uses and challenges. Restoration and conservation techniques are prioritized to best fit the local context and include:
-Investigating water sourcing alternatives for the community.
-Watershed management.
-Water conservation.
-Community-level rainwater harvesting.
-Check dams for controlling runoff and plugging gullies.
-Subsurface dams. Small earth dams. Water from rocks.
-Water storage and reservoirs.
-Household rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Course participants then conduct capacity building workshops on these new water management practices that are appropriate for the community. The course concludes with the development of a community based water use, conservation and management plan that includes the formation of a water users association to ensure lasting commitments and sustainability.

Complete information and course syllabus:

CSDi provides the following continuing learning resources
All resources and course materials are freely downloadable from the course site and include:
-Scholarship opportunities for citizens of developing nations.
-Manuals & field guides for water conservation and management activities.
-300 adaptation field activities—including extensive water activities.
-Compilation of 50 full program outlines for use in project design.
-Instructors that provide project consulting, suggestions, and encouragement individually for each student's assignment.

Online course participants use CSDi courses to develop on-the-ground projects with real communities. Students from 146 different countries and 475 organizations have developed projects impacting 300,000 community members.

To learn more about the students, the water use projects they have developed, and about their communities, be sure and read CSDi Water Newsletter and our compilation of Adaptation/Island/Water/Forest projects.

OL 332. Water Conservation And Management
Course participant solutions to water challenges include integrating indigenous knowledge into project design, and participatory mapping of water resources. Techniques for improving water management include prioritizing degraded watersheds, springs, rivulets, ravines, and man-made waterways for protection and restoration; watershed management including reforestation; water collection and storage, simple point of use water purification systems, capacity building workshops in these technologies and a participatory monitoring and evaluation plan for long-term, sustained management. The course includes downloadable manuals and field guides for each technique. See a full course syllabus.

Who should participate? Course participants are of all different ages, genders and professions—and have included Northern and Southern staff from INGOs, field staff from in-country NGOs, donors, executive directors, students, scientists, consultants and people who would like to transition into development work.

Questions? Please contact:


Tim Magee, Executive Director
Center for Sustainable Development

Tim Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation published by Routledge/Earthscan.

The Center for Sustainable Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for humanitarian development professionals worldwide.
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