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best auto-shutoff or sanitary taps, for gravity fed?

Postby RotaryStewart » 19 Oct 2012 15:07

I generally work with Rotary clubs in several developing countries; also with an emergency prep group in Oregon, US. Imagine dry climate, water is very precious. Need a good source for low-pressure gravity-fed water taps that either:
(1) automatically shut off or
(2) easily touched by a cleaned hand to shutoff.
The typical plastic tap with twist valve, or even a lever, is not satisfactory. (It's a constant source for transfer of contamination. Yes, I'm aware of training, using towels, etc.)

Ideally the tap would be auto timed, e.g. a 5 sec flow. Touch it twice, first to wet hands, then to rinse - it's automatically off the rest of the time. The few of these timer taps I've seen rely on significant pressure, e.g. 15-30 psi (half bar or more; forget the modern electric-eye types.) I think a good design might have a sturdy plastic paddle attached to a spring ball valve - you push up the paddle, water flows; release your hand pressure, it stops.

There is a two-bucket method using a rubber float ball and valve assembly - see attached. But this doesn't translate well to a tap at the end of a plastic pipe run, in a low-pressure gravity system.

Any advice or guidance much appreciated ...

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19 Oct 2012 15:07

Handwash buckets.pdf
Two bucket handwash station with rubber ball
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