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Lessons from the field: Vietnam and Indonesia

Postby WSP_Scaling_Up » 15 Jun 2011 14:09

This Field Note describes two Southeast Asian programs that are making handwashing a feature of everyday lives on a national scale: the Handwashing Initiative (HWI) in Vietnam, which has reached nearly two million caretakers of young children and 80,000 students; and the Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap (PPP-HWWS) in Indonesia, which has contributed to reaching millions of students, mothers, workers, and travelers. The program in Vietnam has concentrated on first gaining an understanding on how people actually behave and then determining how to change that behavior, while the program in Indonesia leverages the reach of the private sector and other partners to scale up handwashing initiatives that were previously researched and already underway. They both demonstrate ideas that can be applied in other countries. For countries about to embark on designing either a stand alone handwashing program or a handwashing component within a larger water and sanitation program, the process of developing evidenced based materials in Vietnam could be applied in the development of materials. The Indonesia case study provides insights on how to leverage partnerships to increase reach in countries where handwashing with soap programs already exist.

This document is most useful for:
• Practitioners who see the need or potential for a national
scale handwashing with soap promotion program,
• Governments, and practitioners such as NGOs, who
want to add a hygiene component to a new or existing
water and sanitation program, and
• Organizations who are interested in examining publicprivate
partnerships outside of traditional hardware

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15 Jun 2011 14:09

Learn more about this and more at http://www.wsp.org/wsp/global-initiatives/global-scaling-handwashing-project
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